1. The Fosters.

    I love the fact that I can relate to “The Fosters" So well because Well,My older brother and I have been in the Canadian Foster Care system for 14 years. Yes, Sure, I was more fortunate that her to be in the same home for those 14 years but seriously, I know how she feels. The way she cried in the bathroom, everything. It’s scary and It’s something you can’t seem to shake no matter how old you are. I love my foster mother like my own and I will love her like my own until I die because she took me in. The feeling Callie had when she heard that she could be put into a group home is exactly how I felt with my foster mother. I felt unwanted. I didn’t know what to do and all I Wanted to do was cry. This show really hits close to home and I’m so glad I started watching it. It’s incredible.

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